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Currently our core workshops are the personality assesment, self esteem, and leaning styles. While these classes can be taken individually, they are intended to be taught as a unit and each workshop builds on the information from the preceeding workshop(s).

Personality Assessment

Have you ever wondered why some people work great together and become best friends while others just loose productivity and become discouraged or frustrated with each other? We know it's obvious but we're just going to say it anyway, "We're not all created the same." The personality assessment course will focus on the type of individual you are and teach a how to recognize some of the different traits in those around you as well.

By taking the personally assessment we will show you how to use your strengths to your advantage in your workplace and in your personal life. You will also learn how to work efficiently with those who have different personality types than you and how to build meaningful relationships with them so that, together, the quality of you work performance and personal life grows. This course is a must for anyone that works with people.

Self Esteem

Are you aware of the fact the even extremely talented and successful people can suffer from self esteem issues? Our attitudes in life effect every single aspect of our lives and our self esteem effects our attitude. It is vitally important that you learn to continually check your attitude and self esteem in order to effectively and efficiently move forward in you personal and business relationships. Most people that have attended this course were amazed at just how significant a role self esteem plays in the life; in the way they were perceived by others.

By taking this course you learn the patterns and traits that are generally associated with low self esteem. You will learn what type of persons to avoid and what types of people to align you self with. You will develop the skill necessary to boost your self esteem and gain a more attractive attitude.

Learning Styles

Why is it that no matter how hard some people try to study a text book they can barely pass a written test while the person that sits next to them barely studies, if at all, and gets an A? Did you know that one of Albert Einstein's teaches said he was "incapable of learning"? Each one of us possess a unique genius. We are all brilliant in our own way. It's just a matter of making sure the method of teaching is in line with our methods of learning.

This course will help you discover your learning styles, turn your weaknesses into your strengths and train others to do the same.

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